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Lopud Gallery

Lopud is the only village situated alongside the north-western bay of the island bearing its same name.

The island of Lopud is positioned in between three inhabited islands which are all part of the Elafiti archipelago, extending across the coast from Dubrovnik to Ston.  For this reason throughout its history it was referred to as “Insula Media” (Median Island).

Because of its vast cultural heritage and legacy of historical monuments and relics, Lopud became a seaside resort as early as the 1900s.
Blessed with mild Mediterranean climate Lopud boasts a maze of pathways which uncover landscapes of dense vegetation as well as vineyards, olive groves and rural fields that stretch to the ample sand beaches and cliffs bathing in a crystal clear sea.

Since then little has changed, and Lopud is today its own world, surrounded by the calm blue of the Mediterranean, an oasis far from the stress of modern life. It remains an island free of cars, so small in fact that its area is easily covered by foot, yet big enough for one to find peace and solitude; connected to the entire world, or, conversely, isolated from the closest neighbour...

Besides the proverbial sun and sea, find serenity or seek adventure in long strolls, scuba diving, fishing, canoeing, water-skiing, sailing, and the exploration of vast monuments, or simply enjoy sampling the delicious local cuisine.  And should Lopud become too small, its position is ideal for excursions to neighbouring islands or Dubrovnik itself.

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